Where can you meet a real Chinese Emperor?

While visiting China in October 2012, we had a chance to meet, well, maybe not the Chinese Emperor Puyi himself who is long gone – but his nephew, Aisin-Gioro Yuming.

Persuaded by his Chinese royal family, Yuming has been studying traditional calligraphy and painting since his childhood.  Presently, Mr. Yuming teaches calligraphy at the University and on certain days, you can meet him working in the Forbidden City.  Here, Irene is watching how Mr. Yuming is painting on silk a character of happiness for the Shaland family.

Alex visited China on business many times, and we had a chance to make a short visit years back. So, why did we go to China again in the first place?  When our friends from Chicago informed us that their youngest son was getting married and the wedding would be in Beijing, we knew instantly that we would not miss the opportunity to visit China once again. Of course, our dear friends’ son’s wedding was of great importance. However, I am also convinced that nothing ever happens by chance.

We also used this opportunity for extensive research of the history of Jewish people in China. And, as it happens, Irene’s article “The Dao of Being Jewish” published in several magazines in the US and Canada ended up as the seed from which Irene’s 3rd book “The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Story” grew, and blossomed after it’s publication.

This book is available in several formats at Amazon and other venues where books are sold.

“The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories.”

Link to eBook  Edition: https://amzn.to/2HhwSng

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