buy modafinil leeds WHAT WE DO Our mission is to foster cross cultural diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and understanding around the world with an emphasis on Jewish history. We travel to the four corners of the earth in search of little-known Jewish stories in the familiar and unexpected exotic places. We set these stories against the broad background of the local history, culture, traditions, and beliefs.  Then, we share these stories with you in our lectures, books, blog posts, and magazine articles.

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December 9, 2020 Irene Shaland’s virtual ZOOM lecture: “Global Response to the Holocaust, Part III: The Islands and The Boot: Cuba, Calabria/Italy, Malta, Corsica.” Hosted by the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. Separate Registration for Each Part is Required
We are finalizing our 2021 lecture schedule. Stay tuned.
For a complete list of our lectures and photography shows please see our Schedule 

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