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June 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM, Irene Shaland presents her virtual lecture “The Return of the Jews: Jewish Renaissance in the Mediterranean” sponsored by the New City Library. This Zoom event is free but requires reservation: https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/return-jews-jewish-renaissance-mediterranean OR — Call 845.634.4997 to register.
New Date TBD, Irene Shaland presents her lecture “Jews of the Jungles (and Cities) in Brazil” at the Cuyahoga County Public Library – Orange Branch. Download Flyer: lecture_jews_of_brazil
September 30, 2020 at 7:00PM Irene Shaland presents Part I of her virtual ZOOM lecture “Travels in Jewish History” sponsored by the New City Library, New City, NY.  Registration required and the number of participants is limited. To register call 845-634-4997, ext. 139. Download flyer: Sept-30 & Oct-07-20 Lectures-Travels in Jewish History
October 7, 2020 at 7:00PM Irene Shaland presents Part II of her virtual ZOOM lecture “Travels in Jewish History” sponsored by the New City Library, New City, NY.  Registration required and the number of participants is limited. To register call 845-634-4997, ext. 139. Download flyer: Sept-30 & Oct-07-20 Lectures-Travels in Jewish History
October 15, 2020 at 4:30 PM Irene Shaland presents her lecture “Journey of Conscience: Countries Around the World Respond to the Holocaust” at the Holocaust Resource Center of Kean University, 1000 Morris Ave. Union, NJ 07083. To register call 908-737-4633.
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CagliariDiscovering Jewish Connections in Sardinia
Travel to Sardinia, an island famed for its unearthly beauty. Sardinia is second only to Sicily in its size among the Mediterranean islands. Like Sicily, Sardinia attracted numerous waves of invaders: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, the Italian city-states of Pisa and Genoa, and the Spanish Kingdom of Aragon—all succeeded one another in dominating the island. The Northern Italians came last, with Garibaldi himself falling in love with the island. He chose to live the last years of his life in Carpera, Sardinia. Continue reading this blog post.
Bonifacio harborMake Hotel Cala di Greco Your Home in Bonifacio, Corsica
During all our days of driving along the Corsican “carousel” that we developed trying not miss any of the main sites, we were falling deeper and deeper in love with the raw beauty of this island. But we left our hearts in Bonifacio. This stunning city presides over the most beautiful harbor in Corsica, arguably admired by Homer and described in his “Odyssey.” Continue reading the blog post.
About the Author of “Suburbanites on Safari”
Many of our readers who follow my wife Irene Shaland’s books, art and travel magazine articles, and lectures know me as a photographer who’s photos appeared in Irene’s publications and slide presentations. But only few know that I am also a writer myself. Now, that my first book Suburbanites on Safari is in print and sold in several countries, I felt it appropriate to say a few words about my writing career. Continue reading this blog post.
swimming pool at Manor RussumBeautiful Manor Russum – Your Best Hotel in Calvi, Corsica
Calvi is considered one of the most beautiful and fashionable seaside resorts in Corsica. It is located on the northwestern coast of the island, some 165 kilometers from the Corsican capital Ajaccio. Founded by the Romans in the first century CE, the city was ruled by the Genovese maritime republic from 1278, until it was given away to France in the 18thcentury. Continue reading the blog post.
Koala looking at visitorsWhere to Stay on Kangaroo Island, Australia: the Sea Dragon Lodge is an Excellent Choice
Overlooked by most popular guidebooks, this third largest Australian island (after Tasmania and Melville) remains the largest secret of that country for many globe trotters. There are precious few corners left in our 21st century urbanized world where Australian animals could be observed in the wild, and Kangaroo Island is exactly that place. Continue Reading the blog post.
boat at nightChasing the Elusive Northern Lights in Iceland by Alex Shaland
All visitors to Iceland fall into two distinctive categories: those who saw the northern lights and those who did not. When Irene set her trip target on Iceland, she was determined to place herself, our daughter, and I squarely in the first category. The problem was that unlike the predictable crowds at JFK on the way to Iceland, the famous northern lights of Iceland are highly unpredictable.
Continue reading the blog post.
James Bond photo inside restaurantJames Bond’s Swiss Connection
Back in 1969, James Bond, also known to millions as 007, was doing what he is always doing – saving the world.  But this time, it was different.  In addition to saving an imaginary world from imaginary villains, Bond managed to save a real-life Swiss company from all-too-real financial ruin. Continue reading this blog post
Roman girls mosaic in SicilyVilla Romana Sicily – Must See for Italy History Buffs
Villa Romana del Casale located in Piazza Armerina in Sicilian heartland is not-to-be missed site for all history and art enthusiasts. Covered by layers of mud for 700 years, rediscovered in 1950, and reopened in 2003 after over forty years of reconstruction, the Villa is a treasure trove of the best Roman mosaics in existence today. Continue reading this blog post
Ortygia SiracusaSiracusa – Sicily’s Top Destination
Siracusa is truly a summation of Sicilian splendor, and if there is one city in Sicily that personifies this magnificent island it is Siracusa. The city is 3,000 years in the making and combines Greek and Roman civilizations with ancient Jewish culture and baroque masterpieces. Continue reading the blog post.
African lionAfrican safari travel tips:  The Importance of a Good Company
Going on an African safari by yourself or in a small group is not advisable. Suppose, you are standing in front of a lion or a rhinoceros and trying to calculate your chances of getting out of this situation in one piece and hopefully not perforated in too many places. You are staring at the whatever it is that is going to do a very bad thing to you ….   continue reading this blog post  
Duomo cathedral, CataniaOverlooked by Visitors, Catania is a Masterpiece of Sicilian Baroque The third largest city of Sicily, a UNESCO-listed Catania lies in close proximity to the majestic mountain Etna. The city was always subject to the brooding moods of that volcano.  In the late 1600s, Mt. Etna struck twice: first drowning Catania and over 12,000 of its inhabitants in boiling lava, and then, in less than 25 years, leveling the city again by a murderous earthquake. Continue reading the blog post.
Casa Cuseni Taormina, SicilyFollowing the Steps of Tennessee Williams in Sicily: Taormina’s Casa Cuseni 
I came across the name “Casa Cuseni” while reading about Tennessee Williams and his beloved partner, painter/poet Henry Faulkner, spending many happy months in Taormina while staying in Casa Cuseni. I knew then, without a doubt, that when we are in Sicily, we will follow the steps of Tennessee! Continue reading this blog post.
Sharing first impressions from Scandinavia
Scandinavian countries – Denmark, Sweden, and Norway – constitute arguably: the most cultural and sophisticated, most educated and prosperous (with the least income disparities), most highly taxed and socialistic (oh well…), least churchgoing and most unmarried – part of the West. People are the happiest we ever encountered, reserved, but very polite and helpful. Continue reading.
Masai warrior danceMasai – the Lost Tribe of Israel
This is a Jewish story of Africa that I found in the most unlikely of places: the vast plains of Masai Mara and Serengeti reserves. As we drove there, we saw the light-skinned, tall, slender people dressed in red, who were as ubiquitous to the landscape as sky above and earth below. Continue reading this blog post.
Nairobi Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, KenyaFinding Home away from Home – in Africa
We were travelling all day: through the exotic strangeness of the Zanzibar Stone Town to the Nairobi airport’s thick mess of people and suitcases, sickening smells and deafening noises. Then again, through the traffic and dust and darkness of Nairobi streets… Continue reading
China, Kaifeng, Jewish, travel, globalHistory of Confucian Synagogue in Kaifeng, China
Kaifeng, China. As Irene hurriedly writes, Esther, a Founder and Director of the Kaifeng Jewish History Memorial Center, tells the story of her forebears. On the wall, is the 18th- century rendering of Kaifeng synagogue… The synagogue rendering reminds of the country’s typical residential or religious compounds.  Continue reading this blog post.

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