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We are pleased to invite you to our lectures that focus on art, travel, and Jewish history around the world. See the up-to-date program listing below. Most events are free and open to the public. You will find lecture dates and locations in the Lecture Schedule.

Educators and program coordinators: To book one of our lectures for your organization or group, please send us an email: Contact us.

Some of the venues where we present include Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC; Anti-Defamation League, NYC; the Cleveland Museum of Natural History; Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage; Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies; Mandel JCC; Lifelong Learning Rose Institute; the Cleveland Cinemateque; the Cleveland Play House; NASA; Touro Law School; public libraries in Cleveland, Michigan, New York, and New Jersey; Fairmount Temple; Park Synagogue; The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve; Opus Art Gallery; The Jewish Federation of Tulsa, Oklahoma; the Hidden Child Foundation; and the literary Coffee Phix Café.

Most events are free and open to the public. Please check our Lecture Schedule.

Our popular lecture series: Seeking Jewish Narrative All Over the World

great wall of ChinaIn Search of a Jewish Story in China   read more
Taj Mahal, IndiaIn Search of a Happy Jewish Story in India   read more
Africa LectureFace-to-Face with Africa through the Eyes of a Jewish Explorer   read more
Vienna AustriaStones Fill the Void: Visiting the Murdered Jews of Vienna   read more
Scandinavian flagsScandinavia through the Eyes of a Jewish Traveler   read more
Palermo cathedral, SicilyThe Return of the Jew: Jewish Renaissance in Sicily and Sardinia   read more

Asia Lectures


The Great Chinese Wall

In Search of a Jewish Story in China 

Seeking a Jewish story in China, Irene Shaland leads us on a unique journey spanning over 2,000 years through the Silk Road and six cities, including Harbin, Kaifeng, Luoyang, and Shanghai.  What are the Jewish secrets of the Gobi Desert and the Silk Road? Where the oldest Jewish prayer was found? What do the most anti-Semitic of Russian Tsars, a railroad, a Chinese fishing village, and Russian-Yiddish culture have in common? Take a journey to China and find out the answers to many perplexing questions.

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Lectures India

Peeling the Onion: Discover India and Yourself (in less than 2 weeks)

Seeking a (happy) Jewish Story in India

Spiritualism of the Erotic: Temple Sculptures in Khajuraho, India

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Japan Pictures, Koyasan, tori gates, Kyoto

Exploring and Understanding Japan

How to See and Understand the Japanese Art

The Temples in the Clouds: Two Days with the Monks in Koyasan, Japan

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 Africa Lectures

South Africa and East Africa

African Safari: Face to Face with Big Five near Kruger National Park, SAR

Discover the South Africa

Mysteries of Africa  [see photo gallery]

Face-to-Face with Africa from the Jewish Perspective [see lecture description]

Big Five Face-to-Face: The Safari Adventure


Zimbabwe Victoria Falls and Homestead


The Wisdom of the Ancestors: One Day in a Zimbabwe Homestead

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South America Lectures

Easter Island, Chile

The Mysteries of the Easter Island

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Europe Lectures

Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic

Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic

The Habsburgs and the Communists: Exploring the Heart of the Central Europe

The Breathtaking Beauty: Art Nouveau in Budapest, Vienna and Prague

Kafka in Prague and Prague in Kafka

Stones Fill the Void: Exploring Jewish Vienna

Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Scandinavia through the Eyes of a Jewish Traveler

Join internationally published art and travel writer Irene Shaland as she takes us through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, known for their stunning natural beauty, magnificent royal capitals, and stark modern architecture. Discover the Jewish history of these countries, the role each one played during the Holocaust, understand what it means to live as a Jew in Scandinavia today.

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