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    Free Zoom Lecture Travels in Jewish History Part I: Asia

    rencontre sexe grimaud *** New City Library, New York Presents Irene Shaland’s Free Virtual Zoom Lectures: Travels in Jewish History  *** Part I:   Asia — Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 7:00 PM Reservations Required:  Call 845-634-4997, ext. 139 OR Register on line at https://newcity.librarycalendar.com/events/travels-jewish-history-part-1-burma-cambodia-china-india Join Irene Shaland, the author of “The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories,” for a fascinating two-part talk about her travels through Jewish history in six countries on two continents. In Part I:  

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    Schedule of 2020 Jewish History Lectures by Irene Shaland

    consultez le post ici Upcoming Jewish History Lectures Presented by Irene Shaland: September, October, December 2020 “…memory is the keyword, which combines past and present, past and future…” Elie Wiesel An internationally-published writer and educator Irene Shaland invites you to embark on a journey through the painful past and often controversial present of twelve countries on three continents to understand how and why various nations around the world respond to the Holocaust remembrance. Date Time Location Lecture Subject Sept. 30, 2020 7:00 PM Zoom virtual event Irene Shaland presents Part I of her lecture “Travels in Jewish History” sponsored by the New City Library, New City, NY.  The lecture is free, but registration is required. To register…

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    Countries Around the World Respond to the Holocaust

    Journey of Conscience: Countries Around the World Respond to the Holocaust Lecture presented by Irene Shaland at the Maltz Museum on January 30 at 7:00PM Why do we tell stories? Is it to entertain: to capture the attention of the mind for just a moment? Is it to teach: to pass down lessons from one generation to the next? Is it to remember: to ensure that our histories are never lost? Maybe each story has its own reasons to be told. Without remembrance, Italian writer and Auschwitz survivor Primo Levy says, there is no future. ———————————————————————————————————————————–An internationally-published writer and educator Irene Shaland invites you to embark on a journey through…

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    The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories Released

    New book of stories from Irene Shaland is now available in paperback. In The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories Irene Shaland presents a collective Jewish narrative from various parts of the globe. She takes the reader on a fascinating journey, both familiar and unknown, from Europe to Asia and Africa, from Vienna to Delhi and Nairobi. The fate of the brilliant Jewish community of Vienna annihilated during the Holocaust shines a disturbing light on the stories of the current rise of Antisemitism in Scandinavia and throughout Europe. Two-millennium old tales of little-known Jewish communities of India and China, who never knew religious persecution, reveal happy chapters in the…

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    How to discover China off the beaten track – where can you meet a real Emperor…

    October 2012, Forbidden City, Beijing, China. Oh, well, maybe not the Emperor Puyi himself who is long gone – but his nephew, Aisin-Gioro Yuming. Persuaded by his royal family, Yuming has been studying traditional calligraphy and painting since his childhood.  Presently, Mr. Yuming teaches calligraphy at the University and on certain days, you can meet him working in the Forbidden City.  Here, Irene is watching how Mr. Yuming is painting on silk a character of happiness for the Shaland family. See Alex’s photo gallery on China Read other posts on China  

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    How to discover China off the beaten track – what does it take to preserve Jewish identity if you are a Chinese Jew?

    October 2012, Again – Kaifeng, China. We are at the oldest Jewish burial place in China – with Mr. Jin in front of his life-long project, his family memorial. Our new friend dedicated his life savings and his entire life to create this marble memorial book which presents – engraved in English on one side and in Chinese on another – the 900-year story of Mr. Jin’s family within the context of Chinese history. “Chronological” (narrative) and “Genealogical” (family tree) records, written there large and flamboyant, and in stone.  True to the Confucian culture of their country, Jin’s family kept their genealogical records for many centuries. When the government confiscated…

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    History of Confucian Synagogue in Kaifeng, China

    We visited this synagogue in Kaifeng in October 2012. On the photo you can see how  Irene hurriedly writes, Esther, a Founder and Director of the Kaifeng Jewish History Memorial Center, tells the story of her forebears. On the wall, is the 18th- century rendering of Kaifeng synagogue.  For anyone who visited the Forbidden City in Beijing and at least a temple or two elsewhere in China, the synagogue rendering reminds of the country’s typical residential or religious compounds. Stone lions flanked the entrance to the synagogue complex consisting of enclosed courtyards and halls. A giant iron incense tripod, like in Taoist or Buddhist temples, stood between the lions. The…

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    How to discover China off the beaten track –meeting Biblical Esther-namesake in Kaifeng

    In October 2012, we went to Henan province, one of the poorest in China and definitely off the tourist tack. We wanted to get to Kaifeng to meet Esther, “A Kaifeng Jew” as she proudly calls herself. On this photo, Irene is standing with Esther, in front of the entrance to Esther’s house. Shema is visible on the opposite wall. A small house where Esther was born and raised, and where her family lived for generations, used to be a part of the ancient synagogue structure. For almost 800 years, Esther says, her family was charged with maintaining the synagogue, and when it was ruined by recurring floods, with supervising…