AA MasterCard and 30,000 Miles

My husband Alex and I have both applied and got confirmed (in less than 30 seconds!) for a 30,000 miles offer from American Airlines MasterCard this past Sunday. How did we do it?


After we went to Italy last month, I desperately needed to replenish my mileage savings for Europe. And AA is the best for that destination.

AA miles, unlike Delta’s, expire in 18 months. I have never had it happen to me: I get tickets right away when I have enough miles. But if you let the miles sit in your account, remember you can donate 500 and the remaining mileage will be extended for another 18 months (do verify though with the AA program- this could change).
 As soon as we get the miles on each of our accounts, I will get tickets for next October to Sicily and Sardinia (arriving to Palermo; departing from Cagliari). These seem to be perfect destinations for spending 40,000 miles in the second part of October!

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