Global Response to the Holocaust Lecture Part 1: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Soviet Union Global Response to the Holocaust Lecture, a free Zoom event.

order neurontin overnight Free Virtual Lecture Series Hosted by the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

christian dating how do i know if i love him October 14, November 11, December 9

Website   Register by phone or follow the links, see below. These lectures are FREE but Registration for each event is required.

 Presented by Irene Shaland

Part I – The Ring of Fire: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Soviet Union – October 14  at 7:00 PM

Part II – From Europe to Asia: Norway, SwedenChina, India – November 11  at 7:00 PM

Part IIIThe Islands and the Boot: Cuba, Calabria/Italy, Malta, Corsica – December 9  at 7:00 PM

 Lectures are free, but a separate registration is required for each event. Zoom link(s) will be sent after the registration on the Museum’s site or by phone:

Call 216.593.0575 for info or to register.  Or register on Maltz Museum website:

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About the lecture and the presenter, Irene Shaland

“…memory is the keyword, which combines past and present, past and future…” Elie Wiesel

Irene Shaland, the author of “The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories” invites you to embark on a journey through the painful past and often controversial present of twelve countries on three continents to understand how and why various nations around the world respond to the Holocaust remembrance. 

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