Oslo Fjord Cruise

Join us on a short Oslo Fjords cruise starting at the Oslo City Hall, leisurely floating by the Akershus Fortress and Castle, and enjoying the best view of the marvel of modern Norwegian architecture, the Opera House. Watch Navy ships, submarines, cruise liners, commercial vessels, and pleasure boats of all kinds and sizes moored along the shores. After leaving Oslo city limits, admire pastel colors of Norwegian fjords, neat summer cottages with matching bathhouses, sailboats, motor boats, and rowboats of all sizes and style. All aboard!

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  1. I very much enjoyed the photographs of all your trips. They are brilliant, and I think the articles capture the nostalgia of a quieter, more congenial time. I will return to look at them again when the snow starts to fly here in Cleveland. Your photos inspire my wife and me to visit some of these places next year on our 50th wedding anniversary’s global trek.
    Jom Gotkie

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