Medical Requirements for Travelers to Brazil

Hello my fellow-travelers,

If Brazil is in your travel plans, you might find this information helpful.  Alex and I are going to Brazil in November of this year, so we decided to get our medical preparations out of the way and went to a local Travel Clinic.

We are up-to-date with all requirements: no shots, since all are up-to-date; but we needed two prescriptions for malaria pills (Malarone) and broad action antibiotics. The last one I always take with me no matter where we are going. It is based on Cipro and is a perfect help with anything, be that UTI or diarrhea.

The cost of the visit itself was $53.00 per person. Antibiotic is $6.05;   Malarone, 24 pills (start on the 19th, continue while in the jungle area and a week after your return from the Amazon) – is  $109.21.

Suggestion: go to the discounted pharmacy like Walmart or something. CVS is almost 25-30% more expensive.

If you do not have Tetanus – you need to do that anyway, no matter where you are going or even not going.

You absolutely need Yellow Fever shots (required and lasts life-time) and – most probably – Typhoid vaccine capsules (advisable and lasts 5 years).

IMPORTANT: Since Yellow Fever shots are in limited availability, do not delay your Travel Clinic visit. 

You might not be allowed to enter the country without their certificate.

More to follow next week,

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