Flying for Free is the Best Airfare

Are you planning a spring or summer get-away or both? There is still time make sure you don’t spend anything for the airfare. Oh well, you will still have to pay taxes but nothing even closely comparable to what the airfare might cost you. This is what I suggest you do:

1. Get the American Airlines (AA) 50,000 miles offer
AA’s 50,000 credit card offer is still available. As you might know, the AA’s offers seldom exceed 30,000. So this one is a gift from the friendly skies!
Follow the link
This mileage is enough for round trip (RT) to Europe between October 15th and May 15th.
2. Increase your mileage by another 50,000 miles offer from the US Airways
Sign up for the US Air Dividend Miles first and then go to their credit card offer which is now also 50,000.
Follow the link:
3. These two programs will be combined late spring – mid-summer 2015
As you know, AA bought US Airways and their frequent mileage programs should be combined pretty soon. So by the late summer of fall of this year, you will have 1000,000 plus on new AA: enough for everything your heart desires, be that Madagascar,  Australia or New Zealand.
Happy travels!

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