Lecture Africa Jewish

Face-to-Face with Africa through the Eyes of a Jewish Explorer

Lecture presented by art and travel writer Irene Shaland 

Photos from Africa

The internationally-published art and travel writer Irene Shaland and her husband photographer Alex have a life-long passion for travel. Together they have visited close to 70 countries.

As a writer focused on Jewish communities around the world, Irene presents her personal Jewish stories she discovered in Africa. This mysterious continent remains one of the most enchanting and fascinating destinations for both Irene and Alex. From the Nairobi Synagogue and its energetic community, to Masai Tribe village with their Old Testament-like legends, from the Great Rift Valley, where life on earth began, to the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa presents itself as a never-ending journey of mystery and discovery.

Through photographs and stories, Alex and Irene will share their amazing experience from Africa by taking the audience on a unique journey through Masai Mara. Amboseli, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti Parks.

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