Siracusa Sicily

See images of old Siracusa Sicily

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  1. Jom Gotkie says:

    Dear Shalands,
    Thank you very much for the remarkable travel plans, maps, and personalized travel guide you prepared for us. We expect the photos you provided to help us navigate the several countries we are scheduled to visit (we are currently in London, England), select the best hotels, and find the most exciting and outstanding tourist sites. I should also mention that we would not have been able to explore several remarkable hide-aways that the local population frequent, and which most tourists miss, either because they don’t know about them, or do not have the privilege of your introductions. Reading your articles before traveling also helped us enjoy our time to the fullest. We will never plan another trip without your help. I will be contacting you to plan our next trip in the United States, specifically Washington State, and Northwest Canada for the summer of 2015. And I have to say, your rates are the most reasonable we have ever encountered. –Jom Gotkie. (We will return in February to make plans for the next trip.)

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