Face-to-Face with Africa, Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography by Alex Shaland

The artist photographer Alex Shaland and internationally-published art and travel writer Irene Shaland, have a life-long passion for travel. Together they have visited over 60 countries. However, Africa remains as one of the most enchanting and fascinating destinations for them. From the Great Rift Valley, where life on earth began, to the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, with its relentless sequence of life and death, Africa presents itself as a never-ending circle of mystery and discovery.

One Response to Face-to-Face with Africa, Wildlife Photography

  1. Bianca Del Bello says:

    Dear Irene and Alex, I have found these pictures superb and I am glad to let you know the hidden treasures of Palermo on Sept. 17 . I am sure you will find some interesting animals with 2 legs to immortalize .
    Have a nice week end.
    Bianca Del Bello

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