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Book Event at Appletree Books

Book Event Date and Time:  Thursday March 30th 7:00 PM Book Event Location: Appletree Books 12419 Cedar at Fairmount Cleveland Hts. OH 44106 216.791.2665 Limited seating. Advance registrations strongly suggested. Call 216.791.2665 to register. An internationally-published Cleveland-based writer, Irene Shaland introduces … Continue reading

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Saarinen House – a Hidden Gem in the Midwest

“Architecture embraces the whole form-world of man’s physical accommodations, from the intimacy of his room to the comprehensive labyrinth of the large metropolis.” Eliel Saarinen. We found out about the Cranbrook Art Academy and the Saarinen House by pure chance: … Continue reading

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James Bond’s Swiss Connection

Back in 1969, James Bond, also known to millions as 007, was doing what he is always doing – saving the world.  But this time, it was different.  In addition to saving an imaginary world from imaginary villains, Bond managed … Continue reading

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Following the Steps of Tennessee Williams in Sicily: Taormina’s Casa Cuseni

I came across the name “Casa Cuseni” while reading about Tennessee Williams and his beloved partner, painter/poet Henry Faulkner, spending many happy months in Taormina while staying in Casa Cuseni. I knew then, without a doubt, that when we are … Continue reading

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The Best-Kept Secret in Rome: Maestro Enzo Samaritani and his Arciliuto Theater

Rome has so much to offer! We were advised by our new Roman friend Marco, the owner of Arco dei Tolomei B&B in Trastevere, to celebrate Alex’s approaching milestone birthday at L’Arciliuto Teatro near Piazza Navona. “A very non-traditional place, … Continue reading

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How to discover China off the beaten track – where can you meet a real Emperor…

October 2012, Forbidden City, Beijing, China. Oh, well, maybe not the Emperor Puyi himself who is long gone – but his nephew, Aisin-Gioro Yuming. Persuaded by his royal family, Yuming has been studying traditional calligraphy and painting since his childhood.  Presently, Mr. Yuming teaches calligraphy at … Continue reading

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