Free Lecture at AAWR: Supporting Conservation Through Ecotourism

The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve Presents


Wednesday   August 14th   2019   6:00 PM

Reservations Required. Please call 216-721-9020

This program is based on Alex Shaland’s new book Suburbanites on Safari which he wrote and richly illustrated with photographs of his adventures. Shaland, an internationally published travel author and photographer, believes that encouraging ecotourism and inviting people to come to Africa with their cameras, cash, and credit cards, is one of the most effective ways to protect the animals of this magnificent continent.

In an entertaining and informative slide presentation, Alex Shaland talks about his first-hand experience of meeting the wild animals of Africa face to face. Having gone on safaris in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, and Madagascar, Shaland shares both practical information and fascinating stories. In addition to tips and tricks for planning a safari trip, the lecture answers such frequently-asked questions, such as “How does it feel to be only a few feet away from a pride of lions devouring their kill, a herd of suspicious elephants, an intimidating Cape buffalo, or an unpredictable rhinoceros?”

This lecture is part of the conservation-minded programs supporting exhibition
Environmental Impact: Stress, Hope and Transformation

The Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

1834 E. 123rdStreet, Cleveland, Ohio  44106. Tel. 216-721-9020

Take a look at Alex Shaland’s latest book “Suburbanites on Safari”

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