Irene Shaland’s Lecture Face-to-Face with Africa Presented at the Detroit Public Library on September 12, 2015

Irene Shaland presents Africa lecture in DetroitThe Social Science, Education & Religion Department of the Detroit Public Library invited Irene Shaland to present her popular lecture “Face-to-Face with Africa.” Irene shared her personal stories she discovered in Africa. This mysterious continent remains as one of the most enchanting and fascinating destinations. From the enigmatic pre-historic rock paintings of South Africa to Zimbabwe Shaman-led homestead, from Masai Tribe village with their legends and myths, to the Great Rift Valley, where life on earth began, to the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa presents itself as a never-ending journey of mystery and discovery.

This lecture attracted a diverse, captivated, and enthusiastic Detroit audience.  Irene would like to express her gratitude to Mary Kordyban, the Manager, BST/SSER and library staff, for organizing this event.

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