Irene Shaland’s February Lectures at Mandel JCC

Lectures Sponsored by Lifelong Learning Institute and JCC, Cleveland, February 2015

1. February 11th: Scandinavia through the Eyes of a Jewish Traveler
Join internationally published art and travel writer Irene Shaland as she takes us through Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, known for their stunning natural beauty, magnificent royal capitals, and stark modern architecture. Discover the Jewish history of these countries, the role each one played during the Holocaust, understand what it means to live as a Jew in Scandinavia today.
2. February 25th: In Search of a Jewish Story in China
Seeking a Jewish story in China, Irene Shaland leads us on a unique journey spanning over 2,000 years through the Silk Road and six cities, including Harbin, Kaifeng, Luoyang, and Shanghai.
What are the Jewish secrets of the Gobi Desert and the Silk Road? Where the oldest Jewish prayer was found? What do the most anti-Semitic of Russian Tsars, a railroad, a Chinese fishing village, and Russian-Yiddish culture have in common? Take a journey to China and find out the answers to many perplexing questions.

Schedule of February 2015 lectures at Mandel JCC

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