Lecture: Many Lives of Erika Bourguignon

Artists Archives of the Western Reserve presents:

The Woman Behind the Artist-
The Many Lives of Erika Bourguignon

Lecture presented by internationally published art and travel writer IRENE SHALAND
     An internationally-published art and travel writer, Irene Shaland invites you to travel through time and space to uncover the different lives of an extraordinary woman Erika Bourguignon, a life-long companion of the  talented visual artist Paul-Henry Bourguignon.

The journey will take us first to Vienna of the beginning of the 20
th century where Erika Eichhorn was born to a prosperous Jewish family. 
In the second part of the presentation, we will travel back in history to the worlds inhabited by spirits, the scientific focus of Erika Bourguignon, a US-educated cultural anthropologist, famous for her studies of “possession of trance” and its role in pre-historic and modern cultures.
Erica’s various lives provide a different point of view in understanding her artist-husband, Paul-Henri, and the intellectual atmosphere within their family.

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